Adventure. Challenge. Inspire. Motivate. Live.


Are you prepared to go beyond your comfort zone?

IT Consultant, adventurer, triathlete and speaker.

I am naturally very driven, which reflects in my professional career, to be always striving to deliver the best that I can, and to continuously expand my knowledge to further improve capabilities. It is not just take, so during my spare time, I offer to help less experienced Project Managers to enhance their capabilities.

One of the things I recognise is that things outside of my profession also helps me advance in my career.

As a result, I actively seek new experiences and challenges, things that really take me outside my comfort zone. These are either adventures or physical challenges, which require a strong mind to win over matter.

My motto is: Learn To Love It.

And I believe that ‘If you know you can do it, then it is not a challenge. And if it is not a challenge, it will not help you grow.’.